The Magical Benefits of Facial Rolling

You get body massages but have you had a facial massage?

Body massages are very common that we forget our face has 43 muscles and has different acupressure points that’s why it is also essential for us to have facial massages or facial rolling. Some benefits of facial rolling are:


  • Stress Relief and Lessen Headaches

Stress plays a major role in our health, it also affects our face. This can cause our facial muscles to tense which can cause wrinkles and facial pain. Soft strokes to acupressure points can help soothe facial muscles and makes us feel good. When the stress level is lessened, this can also help reduce the frequency of headaches since most headaches are triggered by stress.


  • Helps with Collagen Production and Blood Circulation

As we age, our skin’s elasticity decreases, hence the prominent lines and circles. Facial massage stimulates the production of collagen and blood circulation. Collagen can help our skin to be firm and tight while enhanced blood circulation can give us a vibrant and refreshed look.


  • Lessen puffiness and Dark Circles

Got a good sleep but still have that puffiness and dark circles? Aging can also emphasize our dark circles because of decreasing skin elasticity. These are also caused by water retention in our skin. Facial massage helps release the build-up of fluids in our face giving us a more toned face.


  • Detoxifies

Every day we are exposed to pollution and beauty products can build-up in our skin. That is why detoxifying our face frequently is very important. Toxins and impurities can be eliminated by stimulating the lymphatic system. Through facial massage, those will be easily moved to the blood making it easier to get rid of.


  • Relieves Skin Inflammation

Increased blood circulation can promote healing and also helps eliminate toxins which can cause an acne breakout. We all know that skin inflammations are sensitive and over-stimulation might make it worse, so we should keep our massages at 10 minutes max.