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The Valiant Secrets of an Excellent Face Massage

The Valiant Secrets of an Excellent Face Massage

In this fast-paced world, priorities, obligations, and responsibilities swarm modern women with problems that need instant resolution. Amidst these challenges, women have a way of conquering it without any hair out of place or a wrinkle in their face.


Unlike some superwomen that can come out of a succumbing tragedy or a trivial incident triumphantly, there are others who looked like they felt the weight of the world fell down on their shoulders and is displayed on their faces (yikes!). In light of this matter, we are going to discuss a methodology long patronized by both men and women for at least a thousand years; we’re talking about facial massages, facial rolling, and Gua Sha.


The Valiant Secrets of an Excellent Face Massage


People are usually exposed to tension, stress, fatigue, and conflict for every second of their lives. From the stressful manager to the demanding boss, to the financial struggles to the overwhelming pressure of society, we cannot escape it all. Aside from accepting it and slaying each one of these demons apart, one way of coping up is to get a face massage.


Face massages are undervalued and are seen as a luxury. But, people should get rid of this notion as it comes with intriguing health and beauty benefits.


  • Releases tension on the face that leads to headaches and migraines.
  • Stimulates optimal blood circulation.
  • Ideal for eliminating acne as it flushes out toxins from the skin.
  • It mitigates the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.
  • Minimizes eye-bags and dark circles that are evidence of stress and all-nighters.


The Unspoken History of Facial Rolling


Speaking of facial massages, one unique trend of obtaining the youthful, vibrant and mesmerizing face is through the use of Jade Rollers. Let’s take a quick peek on how the history of this beauty too made a grand introduction to people from East to West.


The gem Jade was referred to as the “Stone of Heaven.” People of the elite and the powerful used it for traditional Chinese medicine. As explained by Misty Stewart (Spa Director at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong) in an interview, she said, “Emperors of the Qing Dynasty used Jade as they believe it releases and draws out, negative (chi) energy.”


Since then, the powerful properties of Jade rollers as a traditional Chinese medicine tool or a beauty product has been used by the Mayans and Egyptians back in the old days.


Facial rolling is a process wherein a tool that looks like a paint roller is smothered over the various regions of the face. More often than not, this beauty regimen involves the use of the now rising to popularity, jade rollers.


The Magical Benefits of Facial Rolling


Unlike other beauty routines that promise an instant-white effect or an instant-powdery finish for your skin, the benefits of facial rolling run more profound than an on-skin basis.


As the body is made up of lymphatic nodes, they function as suction cups for toxins that the body is continuously exposed to. These lymphatic nodes then transport toxins into your body’s waste systems such as the urinary system. However, much like human beings that get overwhelmed with too much toxicity (you know what we mean!), these lymph nodes won’t be able to handle puffiness and translates it into a swollen or a puffy face.  


Thus, jade rollers or the process of facial rolling comes into rescue. With continuous massage and stimulation, your lymph nodes get activated again, releasing toxins and improving circulation. Some would even say that for you to get maximum absorption from skin care products, a 10-minute facial rolling session is essential.


The Gua Sha Effect and Its Benefits







Since we are aware that people are bombarded with tension, conflict and various stressors every day, traditional east medicine has come up with ways to alleviate these pains. Unknown to many, this may be the secret to answering muscle and joint pains that we have long to discover, this is Gua Sha.


The process of Gua Sha involves the usage of a tool wherein pressure is applied to scrape the skin as these steps will relieve pain and tension from the body. The repetitive motion brings on light bruising or red marks, identified as “sha.”  


The beliefs of Ancient Chinese involve the association of “Chi” as the energy that flows through a person’s body. This energy must flow freely and balanced throughout to ensure the well-being and overall health status of the person. Gua Sha aims to unblock this energy that allegedly causes pain and tension on a specific part of the body.


In a study (Immediate Effects of Gua Sha therapy for reducing neck and shoulder pain associated with a myofascial trigger point in computer users) conducted in 2014, it was discovered that people who frequently use computers suffer from shoulder and neck pain. With the intervention of Gua Sha, their range of movements and tendencies for headaches and migraines were reduced.


In another research (Gua Sha Improves the rating of perceived exertion scale score and reduces heart rate variability in male weightlifters: a randomized controlled trial), Gua Sha also helped speed up the process of muscle recovery. Therefore, people such as weightlifters, construction workers and athletes can significantly benefit from this intervention. Improved blood circulation, insomnia, muscle cramps, and excessive sweating were regulated with the magical prowess of Gua Sha.


The Introduction of Gua Sha and Jade Rollers to Your Spa


It is never too late to update your business service line-up and embrace the new by adding the authentic, Gua Sha and the effective Jade Rollers for the benefit of beautiful ladies everywhere!


You can purchase elegant and Instagrammable Jade Rollers for a low price and offer a full face massage that’ll provide healthy and beautifying benefits. From stimulating the lymphatic system to get rid of toxic elements to reduce face puffiness and swelling, your clientele will surely love the addition for an affordable yet effective face routine.


If you want to incorporate Gua Sha in your line-up of services, know that this involves highly-skilled personnel to administer. The process consists of dealing with nerves, blood vessels, and capillaries that may cause pain towards the clientele. Otherwise, if correctly done, your customer will love the instant and long-lasting relief from muscle pain and tension. Surely, they’ll come back for more!


The Red Threads of Beauty and Wellness: Acupuncture, Gua Sha and Face Rollers


Much like how Gua Sha works, acupuncture aims to relieve tension and muscle pain from a person’s body. Instead of scraping or applying pressure to a specific region, a needle is inserted so that energy is otherwise known as “chi” flows naturally.


The three processes are linked closely to each other as it aims to provide a unified purpose, “relief from pain and tension that is caused by toxins and blockage from Chi’s natural flow.”


As we wrap up, it is essential to know that health and well-being come close to beauty. For a woman that can handle almost anything, anywhere at any time, it is not your privilege but an obligation to take care of your health all the time. Take a break, enjoy one-hour of excellent massage, or go to a spa and pamper yourself. You deserve it.