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Crystals: What You Need to Know About their Healing Properties

Crystals: What You Need to Know About their Healing Properties

From the dawn of time, precious stones, minerals and crystals have adorned the Earth for its brilliance and authenticity. As ancient culture would suffice, the use of crystals is rendered to be more than its providence of visual attributes but of its, healing powers. All over the world, crystals have been responsible for healing a variety of illnesses ranging from headaches, back pains, insomnia, up to anxiety and depression. Of course, older civilities are no stranger to its power and thanks to numerous scientific researches about its attributes, the power of crystal healing cannot be denied.

A Re-Emerging Trend in Self-Care

Traditional methods of healing are not cutting it when it comes to treatments and personal well-being anymore. Medical bills, laboratory examinations, and doctor’s appointments are becoming more of a headache and a financial burden to more and more people every day. One technique of alternative medicine is the use of semi-precious stones or crystals that effectively cures diseases by channelling negative energy (causes of diseases) to flow out of the body. Spas and wellness centres utilise this alternative technique for a fresh and vibrant take on over-all healing and improved well-being.

It is a technique long lost and forgotten, but, it is recently becoming more and more popular as a lot of individuals find it efficient, effective, comfortable and accessible. You can choose to take a day off and go to the nearest spa to experience crystal healing, or purchase semi-precious stones on your own and convert your own time into a moment of sanctity and renewal.

The Process of Crystal Healing

The entire universe is a big ball of energy. From the massive stars to the inanimate and tiny objects like rocks, it contains some level of energy vibrations. Naked to the eye, these energies revolve around a person’s anatomical make-up and the objects lying around in a typical household.

Notice how some minerals like quartz, amethyst or pyrite, constitute jewellery and other electronical components? These minerals contain energy levels that contribute to the efficiency of the object’s function or, adding to its overall visual value.

Much like how magnets would work, healing crystals redirect energy in the same way. This is the reason why specific healing crystals works best when put to a particular location in the body. Crystal healing uses semi-precious stones to transform, pulse, move and redirect energy pulses of the body in accordance with the body’s specific energy signature.

With crystal healing, you can expect three major transformations. You have clearing, energising, and balancing effects on the body. How does each one differ?

Clearing –particular types of crystals work by absorbing and removing specific types of energy from a person’s body. Some of them work by absorbing negative energies from the body and removing it from the system.

Energising –life can be a massive collection of stressors. A person is riddled with office toxicity, pollution of various sorts, and emotional instability from time to time. If you are feeling down and is looking for a way to amp your body to face problems and conquer it, healing crystals can be the option you are looking for. Since semi-precious stones contain energy levels, it can induce resonant frequencies as well and around the body.

Balancing –inconsistencies in the body create unwanted tension and throws your whole system off balance. This may not appear as significant when it comes to an individuals’ well-being, but it can affect the emotional state of a person.

Crystal Healing in Skincare

Did you know that a lot of celebrities are fond of using healing crystals for a variety of reasons? Adele believed that her “not-so-grand” performance at the Grammy’s was the imminent result from losing her crystals. Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham carried around Black Tourmaline (effective in warding off negative energies) and rose quartz (stimulates self-confidence and boosts self-esteem) whenever she’s backstage on her fashion shows. Also, do not forget how Kim Kardashian credits her speedy recovery to healing crystals from the traumatic Paris robbery.

How do you incorporate crystal healing with skincare? Here are some ways you can do it right at the comfort of your own home!

  1. Putting A Healing Crystal In Your Favorite Moisturizer


Say, you have a favourite lotion or moisturiser. You can drop rose quartz in the container and let it rest until you use it up. Some would say that you can choose to leave it in the sun to imprint the crystal’s healing properties in the liquid.


  1. Water Elixirs


In an empty spray container, drop your chosen crystal and leave it under the sunlight for a maximum of 8 hours. After, gently scoop out the crystal and put it in the refrigerator for future use. You can use the water elixir as a face spray, body mist or a quick refreshing drink. But, be gentle with the toxicity and solubility levels of the crystal.


  1. Gua-Sha Tools and Jade Rollers


If you have a friend that can provide an excellent and relaxing massage for you, you can purchase Gua Sha tools or jade rollers to use for your next in-house spa sesh. You can also utilise jade rollers for your daily skincare routine for a quick facelift as it stimulates proper blood circulation and releasing tension from the body.


  1. Facial Makeup


Of course, a lot of products available in the market right now are infused with healing crystals for a healthy yet glamorous cover-up. After all, nothing more shines brightly than a make-up product that contains minerals in itself.


Final Thoughts

With the help of the right crystals, you can achieve optimised well-being and vigour, naturally and effectively. For a quick guide, here are some crystal nuggets you can look if you have a particular health aspect that you need to work on. Amethyst, ruby and emerald are suitable for detoxification. For relaxation and calming, you can use rose quartz, black tourmaline, emerald, and amethyst. Acne solutions can be achieved with moonstone, ruby, and amethyst. Deep cleansing, on the other hand, is made possible with malachite, emerald and rose quartz.